Experience the Caesar

The Lore

Walter Chell created the Caesar out of a longing for his favourite pasta dish from back home in Italy, Spaghetti Alle Vongole, a pasta dish made with tomato sauce and clams. Since its inception, it has been a highly divisive drink that has long-time lovers or instant haters.

The Legend

National Caesar Day is May 19th and we wanna show you how to make the very best Caesar. With the help of our friends at Eau Claire Distillery and their epic Dill Pickle Vodka that only comes around this time of year, we’re making you mixology masters with a quick class on the mighty Caesar.

Register Here

For just $20/person, you get to learn a little about bartending before crafting your very own cocktail – with a little help from the experts. Sample a few options and even take home a little swag. Each ticket covers:

  • A mixology lesson from the geniuses at Eau Claire
  • A chance to craft your own cocktail
  • Make your own garnish from great Market finds
  • Your very own Eau Claire Distillery commemorative cup to take home!
  • Sampling a brand new Eau Claire cocktail (we can’t tell you what just yet 😉)