Stock and Sauce

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  • CFM South

Stock and Sauce is a family run affair that brings fresh, vibrant, and healthy meals to the Market. Overseen by their 9 children, Phil and Kari Faba’s idea for Stock and Sauce originated from the busy life of parenthood. With ingredients sourced from local and organic vendors, they bring the love of good food and cooking straight to your home.

What's Available

Stock and Sauce offer a broad range of dishes, including an arrangement of dips, pates, vinaigrettes, and salads. You’ll also find all your favourite comfort soups ready to heat and serve, including chicken noodle, beef barley, and roasted tomato with fresh basil soups. Their bold and inventive line boasts items like, Mulligatawny, Italian Meatball Stew, and Summer Berry soup.

Two containers, a large one of turkey stock and a smaller one of turkey gravy

Comfort Soups

A plastic container filled with italian meatball penne

Meals to Go

A container of grass fed beef bone broth

Stocks and Broths

You gotta try this

The favourite best seller is their well-known Thai Chicken soup—just a bit spicy and always delicious.