Kin Sushi

Located In:
  • CFM South

Looking for the perfect lunch idea? Kin Sushi serves up handmade sushi and other Korean-inspired dishes. Different styles of fresh hand-made sushi, such as famous California rolls, Dynamite rolls, and Rainbow rolls. Don’t forget: if you don’t see the rolls you want or you want to modify some ingredients, just ask! If they have all the ingredients, they’ll make it special for you on the spot.



what’s available?

Kin Sushi offers a variety of both Japanese and Korean food which includes vegetarian rolls and seaweed salads. If you are looking for something that can fill you up, grab a rice bowl with sashimi, chicken, or a nori burrito.



you gotta try this.

Their most popular menu item is an avocado wrap. It’s healthy, gluten-free, and of course delightfully delicious. What more could you want?