Little Bear Gelato

The Little Bear Gelato shop front

Little Bear Gelato brings a flair of flavours to our Market. With sorbet & gelato ranging from Pear to Salted Caramel, pastry chef and owner Mark Bouihol knows exactly how to bring a smile to his customers.

The Little Bear Gelato shop front

What's Available?

Discover a range of creamy gelatos and fruity sorbets in a variety of forms – choose from cones, cakes, pints, and even gelato sandwiches, also known as pucks.

Chocolate Gelato & Sorbet Cakes

Sorbet and Gelato flavours

Pints are also available

You got to try this.

With an ever-changing assortment of gelato and sorbet flavours available, it’s hard to choose just one – but our favourite is the mango passionfruit sorbet. Bursting with fresh fruit, it tastes like summer!