Red Barn Mercantile

Located In:
  • CFM South

Red Barn Mercantile is a décor and plant business.  The main Greenhouse is seasonally open in Okotoks but for the entire year it celebrates the seasons at the Calgary Farmers Market.  Noted for its beautiful tropicals, succulents and potted flowers.

what’s available?

Calgary Farmers Market location offers beautiful seasonal décor, tropicals ,succulents, herbs and potted plants.  CFM has an outdoor location every May to offer stunning hanging baskets and planters.

Tropical Plants



you gotta try this.

Did you know that Red Barn has herbs all year round? Through a partnership with NuLeaf, a vertical farm right here in Calgary, you can cook with fresh basil, rosemary, or parsley whenever you want. Need some mint for a summer cocktail? They’ve got it. Want Thai basil in your winter pho? No problem. Chives on your baked potatoes? Get it at Red Barn, any time of the year.