Sunworks Farm

Located In:
  • CFM South

Sunworks Farm is located in Armena, Alberta, and has been operating since 1992. Owners Ron and Sheila believe in the principles of organic, humane, and sustainable farming. Holistic Management is a part of their farming practices. They believe organic is better for your health, the animal’s health, and the health of the environment.

Certified Organic includes:

  • No chemical pesticides, herbicides
  • No GMOs
  • No antibiotics
  • No growth hormones

What's Available?

Sunworks offers market-goers 100% Certified Organic beef, chicken, turkey, and pork. All their beef is 100% grass-fed, their chickens, turkeys, hens, and pork are raised on pasture in the summer and fed free-choice certified organic grains. Fun fact, all Sunworks products are Celiac and allergy-free. Their goal is to make products that are as pure and simple as possible.

Certified Organic Eggs

Organic Sausages, Bacon & Deli Meats

Certified Organic Chicken & Turkeys

You got to try this.

Sunworks Certified Organic free-range whole chicken is a Market Favourite. Spoiler alert in the next couple of months grab a ready-to-eat rotisserie chicken for dinner.