Troubled Monk

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  • CFM South

Troubled Monk is inspired by the story of a young brewer who crafted excellent beers through the alchemy of fermentation. While his single-minded pursuit of great beer was seen as troubling to his peers, it’s considered trailblazing to the Troubled Monk team. They use locally grown Alberta malt and Canadian hops whenever possible. Troubled Monk has grown extensively over the years and is now proud to offer not only craft beer, but craft soda and hard iced tea too!

what’s available?

Troubled Monk creates craft beverages worth sharing. They have staple year-round beers, exciting seasonal brews, craft soda, Epitaph Gin, Adequate Vodka, convenient canned cocktails, and Troubled Tea. Whatever your taste, there’s something for you—and all your friends and family.

Craft Soda

Craft Beer

Specialty Brews

you gotta try this

Try the Troubled Tea Hard Iced Tea. It’s steeped with real tea, low in sugar, and made from gluten free spirit.